Modern professionals are efficient only when they permanently develop new intellectual products and content.

Contrary to popular myth, intellectual products and intellectual content is not a result of a sudden idea but rather a result of organizing and summarizing all personal experience and large amounts of filtered information.

Ideally, these skills should be trained at school. But statistics show that a qualified person is unable to perform all these things without special training.

Our course is designed as a temporary "shell" which provides the intellectual skills needed to develop your creative, social or business product or intellectual content.

Here you will learn how:
— to distinguish valuable information and eliminate all the rest
— to process intense flows of information
— to make conclusions from data to solve a problem
— to organize personal knowledge base
— to work regularly without motivation

* The course was originally designed by the chief editor of Livrezon Publishing House —
Anatoly Ryzhachkov.

Participants' Results

Hundreds of articles and lectures, dozens of professional concentrated books, business and social products have been already made after finishing Value added reading course. Mostly in Russian, yet several of them are available in English:
Social Innovation - Global Experience: 10 Nations Turning the Tide of Societal Development
Secrets of the Great Polyglots

Video reviews of two more concentrated books on the Infocore Channel:
Concentrated book: How to Level Up Your Life by Ilya Lebedev
Concentrated book: Gamebuilding by Alexey Shkorkin

What you will learn on this course

Course consists of 2 units, 5 lessons each.

Unit 1. Distinguishing valuable information
— Extracting applied knowledge from biopic, non-fiction and scientific books.
— Making a summary: the packaging of knowledge for easy use and problem solving
Unit 2. Creating A Personal Knowledge Base
— Collecting information for a Personal Knowledge Base.
— Increasing speed of work
— Organizing a Personal Knowledge Base.

Each lesson includes
— Videos with theoretical minimum
— Workbooks for training the skill
— Feedback and correction of the mistakes

Watch the following videos to learn more:
Information filter and critical reading
Instrumental value of a book: Meaningful books VS Useless books
Benefits of writing summaries
Successful and Failing study strategies

For more information about extracting value from massive amounts of information and applying it to professional tasks — Infocore YouTube Channel.

Enrollment Requirements

The only way to learn intellectual skills is to work every single day. It could be only one hour or even half of an hour on some days, but you need to do it every day. The given homework assignments will be mandatory for everyone. So, it would be easier for you if you make some changes in your timetable and work at the same time every day.

The participation fee is $100 per unit just to partially cover the work of the instructors and technical support.


Dmitry Matveev
— Developmental editor at LIVREZON Publisher, authors' adviser on their professional research and development of intellectual products.
— As an editor prepared dozens of books for professionals in fields of business, IT, design, education and professional development (https://livrezon.com/shop)
— An author of Infocore YouTube Channel
— An author of books and courses that develop knowledge competencies

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